Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A few more things..

Twisted Stitch Socks
I love the look of twisted stitches (knit through the back loop); that really makes the pattern stand out.

Ordered this book from Knitpicks:

The stitches look best if all rows are twisted so an object knit flat would have to have stitches that were 'purl through the back loop' and that can be awkward, so it would be easier to work twisted stitches in a project done in the round i.e. hats, socks, mitts, etc.
I am looking forward to playing with some of the stitch patterns in this book for a pair socks soon.

In the meantime I knit this sock design using two similar type of stitch patterns from other books in my library. Loved the feel of the yarn, not crazy about the pooling but I do like the colors. It is really difficult to take a decent photo of your own feet!!

Twinkle Toes by Chameleon Colorworks Dyeworks & Fiber Studio; Merino/Tencel, 1 skein, 100g equal 360 yards, Color: Peacock

My own design

Son In Law Socks
Finished the second sock, although these look like argyle they are actually fair isle.
Remind me not to knit with three colors on the same row again.
Here's David showing off his new socks:

Life is better with good lighting.......
Last week I bought the cutest little "Mini Ott Light" at Tuesday Morning.

It is so much easier to knit in the evening with the bright light that this provides, should be easier to knit dark colors - I'd like to make a black shawl one of these days.

Gnocchi Scarf
The other day at Kirkwood Knittery, Susie was working on the cutest scarf made from Gnocchi by Lana Grossa.  

It reminds of cattails and looks like cotton balls when knit up.

This is the simplest and quickest project, it is nothing but garter stitch.

You knit the chain between the puffs.

You would think it would have been easy but I can make things so hard 

I cast on too many times to count:

Didn't see any option but to use a backwards-e cast on.

Very bulky stuff, first needle I tried (size 9) too small to keep control.

Also I am a continental knitter but found that it was easier to work this 'yarn' by throwing with from my right hand. Frog.

Change to Size 11 Denise needles, cast on and knit a few rows. Too tight.  Frog.

 Settle on Size 10.5 Denise needles, cast on and knit a few rows.

Still seems loose, maybe I should twist the stitches. Frog.

 Cast on, knit a few rows with twisted stitches, still not right. Frog.

 Cast on and knit a few rows regular.

Looks weird along the side edges, puffs sitting vertically v. horizontally across the row.

Don't remember Suzie's looking this. Frog.

 Look up this yarn on Ravelry. See 8 similar projects. One is by my friend Anita who noted that she slipped the first stitch of every row.  Cast on and knit slipping the first stitch - should I slip knitwise or purlwise? Try a few rows both ways. Decide on purlwise. Frog.

Cast on and knit about 8". Hold it up to check my progress. Slipped stitches are tighter than the other stitches causing the scarf to bow/arc at the bottom edge. Frog.

Decide that life would be easier if I'd ever learn to put KISS into practice (keep it simple, stupid). Keep it simple: Cast on 8 stitches with backwards 'e' method. Knit 8 sts. Turn. Knit 8 sts. Turn.  Finally - success! Well, success until I reach the bind off....

Regular bind off, too tight, frog the bind off

 What would work? Needs to be loose like Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

Couldn't remember exactly how that went and I was too lazy to look it up.

Decided that my bind off needs backwards 'e' 's to be similar to the cast on.

Here is what I came up with:

      *Knit one.
      Create a backwards 'e' stitch with the chain between the next two puffs.
      Pass the knit over the 'e'.
      Knit the next stitch.
      Pass the 'e' over.**
      Repeat from * to ** to the last stitch.
      Bind off previous stitch and draw the tail through the last stitch.

    Final step: Sew (with matching thread and needle) in all the ends.

    Voila - Finished!!

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