Friday, November 11, 2011

Annis, Rag Quilt, Baby ‘Leaf Pattern Set’ Sweater/Hat and Lace Leftovers

Here is the Annis that I wrote about in my last post.
It’s one of the ‘viral’ patterns – seems that nearly everyone on Ravelry has knitted one.
It turned out pretty but very small – more like a scarf than a shawl.
Another baby is on its way in our family.  
My niece asked if I’d make a rag quilt for the baby:
I also made the baby-on-its-way a Leaf Pattern Set cardigan and hat;                
I put a few beads on the stems, a little hard to see in this photo:
Ever Since I saw this stitch pattern:  Double Water Lily -  I’ve been thinking I need to come up with a project to use this pattern. 
I love all the stitch patterns that Olga Jasnovidova has posted on Ravelry and on her blog (  How generous to provide these charted patterns!
It occurred to me that I have quite a bit of leftover laceweight yarn in various colors and wouldn’t it be fun to see how it would work out to use this stitch pattern with the leftover yarn in an entrelac design similar to the Dianna shawl and my friend Brooke’s design Nuppopoly.
Then I decided to omit the four center squares which would make this a poncho.  I can wear it with the opening like a v-neck or as a square shaped neck. 
Worked a few rows or garter around the neck opening and a simple ruffle pattern (k1, p3 for first round, then increasing to either side of the knit(s) at every second round) for the edging. I really wanted the ruffle to be longer but after 7 increases there were so many stitches that it was taking about 40 minutes to knit each round; just couldn’t do any more.  At that point there were:  4 sides x 8 motifs per side x 16 ruffle repeats per motif x 18 stitches per repeat = … well never mind – I really don’t want to know exactly how many stitches that is, I had reached my limit.
IMG_1178   IMG_1177
IMG_1174   IMG_1175
Next I'm working on making some socks for Emily; when I was there last month her socks kept falling off which says to me that they are too small so I've looked everywhere and the next size looks too big.  Finally it dawned on me I could make her some socks - duh - and then they'd be just right (kind of sounds like a Three Bears story about socks).

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