Friday, April 15, 2011

Hats for Photography

My daughter asked if I would make a few cute hats for her to use as props for photography.  She takes beautiful baby portraits like these:

This week I made two cute hats.

The first reminds of swimming caps from the 70's (I had one with flowers on it).

It's the Garden Party Hat by Lisa Akers.  The hat is crocheted and I used one skein of Sirdar Snugly Baby Bamboo (very nice yarn - I'd use it again).  The flowers used to be a lei from the dollar store.

The second is Giraffe Hat by Amanda Dean, crocheted with two strands worsted held together or one strand bulky.  The yellow yarn is Lion Brand Baby's First in Honey Bee (bulky).  Very soft but annoyingly splitty.

It seems I am on crochet trend, finished this blanket recently too, Heartwarming Wrap by Terry Kimbrough worked in Reynolds Baby Utopia.

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