Friday, January 30, 2009


In the latest Vogue Knitting (Winter 2008/2009) there is a pattern for a gorgeous pair of gloves, "Almeara", by Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) and an accompanying article about Jared, "All you need is glove".

Here are my Almeara's knit in Elsebeth Lavold Angora which has been languishing in my stash for quite a while.  They were a lot of fun to knit and went very quickly, taking a little more than 4 evenings and less than three skeins to complete.

This yarn is heavier than the recommended yarn (Rowan Scottish Tweed DK), so my gloves are a little bit large and bulky but they are warm and fit over my rings - I love them!

The gloves start with an i-cord cast-on. That is a new cast-on for me and it is very cool.

I am glad to have it in my repertoire and can't wait to use it on future projects/designs.
Before blocking the fingers curl toward the palm since the palm side is done in garter stitch - that makes them look good without even having any fingers inside!

There are a number of errors in this pattern. Also there are a couple decrease rows that I thought could be worked better than the instructions given, although these may not have been errors. Here are my notes, bold/red are the changes I noted to the pattern. I think that most of these were quite obvious and many knitters would be able to make these corrections on their own without too much confusion.

Left Middle Finger
Round 4: k9, p1, k4, p1, k1

Left Thumb - Round 4 was omitted.
Round 4: p3, k8, p8

Right Pinkie
I thought the cables should be reversed:
Row 1: 4 st LC, k2, p1, k8
Row 3: k2, 4 st RC, p1, k8

Right Ring Finger
I thought the decreases should be worked:
[K2tog] 2x, [ssk] 2x, [p2tog] 3x, p1

Right Middle Finger
First sentence... 'work 5 palm sts',
would be clearer if it read: purl 5 palm sts'.
Round 4: k1, p1, k4, p1, k9
Decrease round ends with 8 sts.

Right Index Finger
I thought the Decrease Round should read:
ssk, [k2tog] 3x, [p2tog] 4x, p1

Right Thumb:
Decrease Round should read:
[k2tog] 4x, p1, [p2tog] 5x -- 10 sts.

Maybe in my next career I'll be tech editor.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Looking for my knittting mojo....

Haven't posted for a while feeling that I had nothing to say or show.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling uninspired and couldn't get interested in any of my works in progress or any new projects.

I had decided that the next day I would go to Kirkwood Knittery for some inspiration.

That evening I received an invitation from RogueKnits - she and Brooke had decided to knit the Lerwick Shawl by Sharon Miller and Deborah invited me to play too.

Isn't it funny how things like that work out? I was feeling so down on the knitting and at a loss of what to do next and the next thing you know Deborah comes along presenting me with a project challenging enough to help get my mojo back. (Plus the $1 skein bin at Kirkwood Knittery is always helpful too!)

Sharon Miller (Heirloom Knitting - click the link for some gorgeous shawl eye candy) wrote this pattern to copy an antique shawl, the finished shawl measures approximately 65" square and takes 2000-2500 yards of 2-ply.

Deborah anticipates that it will take her three weeks to complete this shawl - knowing how fast Deborah knits all those awesome lace objects, I believe that she will do just that.

I am just getting started on this project having the book and yarn in my possession for only a few days.
I have never knit with yarn this fine, I have never knit a lace stitch pattern that is patterned on both sides with a garter background - this will definitely be a challenge for moi.

The instructions give options for knitting the shawl from edging to border to center - or vice versa.

Starting with the sideways edging appeals to me as that is my least favorite part of a shawl to knit  [I dislike having to flip the whole piece over every other row to attach it at the end of every second row to the shawl.   I could knit every other row backwards if it was a plain row, but this edging is patterned on both sides and would take me forever (I tried it)].  In fact several times I have knit an edging separately and attached it by hooking the live stitches of the shawl to the chain selvage of the edging as per Joan Schrouder's instructions in Best of Knitter's Shawls and Scarves - the procedure is a bit scary but works fine.

I'll be using a 2-ply from Colourmart, color is Stone, a blend of 50% merino/50% silk. The pattern calls for a size 3 US needle but as an extremely loose knitter I knit this swatch with Size 1 US dpn's (now I need a find a source for a Size 1 US circ):

Naturally I have already decided to re-swatch and slightly change the edging. Why? Because the insertion is a four row repeat and the edging is given as a 14 row repeat, plus it's bugging me that the two little triangular sections between the edging and the insertion don't match.

Bring on the mojo.....

A few finished objects....

Here are a few finished object's since my last post...
A pair of socks in J. Knits yarn, stitch pattern from Treasury #3:


One entrelac sock in two colors of Shibui, some day I'll knit the second sock:

A vest that began as a circular shrug that didn't work out: the gray yarn is Needful Yarns Disco; the Multi-color sparkly yarn is by Artyarns (this yarn used to be a tam that didn't work out due to the weight of the beads), still need to get a closure:

I also knit this beret by the Rainey Sisters for my sister, Beth and forget to take a photograph.

Lastly I've started another pair of socks in a multicolor pink yarn, not liking the yarn but loving the color[s] and I'm working on a Shetland Tea Shawl (Gathering of Lace) in Alpaca With A Twist Fino:

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