Friday, March 25, 2011

Long Time, No Post

It's been a long time between posts.  Haven't been knitting as much as usual due to tennis elbow since early December.  Also there was all that baby anticipating, and going to visit baby and at the moment baby is visiting me!  Since I'm on baby duty I decided to take a clue from my daughter and write a post while the rest of the world is still sleeping.  The following is not necessarily in the order worked (mostly because I haven't taken the time to master how to  layout posts on blogger!)

Column of Leaves Socks
These socks were rather disappointing.  Designed by myself.  Made with Marks & Kattens Fame Trend which I didn't care for at all.  The yarn had many thick and thin spots as well as fuzzies and is impossible to match from one sock to the other.

Baby Party Decorations
My Little Girlfriend arrived yesterday with her parents for her first trip to St. Louis.  We are having a party for her this weekend and I had a lot of fun making this diaper cake and flower arrangement with rosebud socks as centerpieces.

Felted Slipper Repair
Hubby loves his felted slippers so much he wore holes in the heel.  Fran had some roving and lent me a felting needle to try and make a repair.  That didn't work as well I had anticipated so my next bright idea was to cover the soles with leather.  So far so good.  At Michael's they sell bags of scrap leather, a couple pieces were large enough for these soles.  I blanket stitched them on by hand which required a thimble, some time, and pauses to nurse my elbow.

Hexagon Scarf in Chroma
Hexagon Scarf knit in Knit Picks Chroma, color:  Lollipop.  Worked this scarf up for Knit Picks Independent Designer Program.  The pattern has been available on Ravelry for a while, and soon will be up on Knit Picks site for $1.99.  This was not my first, second or even third choice of color but my daughter said 'It's Fun! - I like it'.

Big Snow Pillow
Last fall I bought a skein of Katia Big Snow Print at Weaver's Webb in New Bern, NC.  I thought it should be a scarf but it wanted to be a pillow.  I used Size 7 US needles and worked 17 stitches in stockinette until it was as tall as it was wide.  Then I sewed it to an existing sofa pillow.  Then I sewed it to the pillow across a few rows.  Then I sewed it to the pillow down a few columns.  My son's girlfriend said it looks 'retro'.  I like it anyway. 

I thought this hat (Passepartout) worked in brioche stitch was cute and would look great knit in some  yarn that I saw at Kirkwood Knittery.  (I can't find the label or remember the name of the yarn!)  Naturally the yarn doesn't work at the same gauge as the pattern so adjustment was called for.  Mine's not as cute as the pattern looked.  And it is really hard to take a good photo of yourself in the mirror.

Cafe Au Lait Mitts
Another NC purchase this skein of Blue Sky Alpacas sport weight was in a clearance bin at the Salty Sheep.  These are CafĂ© Au Lait mitts with one minor change - I added an index finger.  This yarn was so soft to work with and feels nice but it pills badly, glad there was only skein in the bin.

In The Pink
In The Pink, a free pattern by IzzyKnits, was a fun project and although a bit confusing it turned out well.  I had 2 skeins of JoJoland Melody in my stash which coordinated with 3 skeins of JoJoLand Ballad also in my stash (which was going to be a cabled tam).  Both yarns were purchased at Knit and Kaboodle.  I used the solid color fingering for the edging.  Edgings usually seem to take forever and this one was no different; I put it down about half way through the edging and didn't pick it back up again for a couple of months. 

Current Projects
Socks for David;
Romper for Emily;
Heartwarming Wrap baby blanket.

Revolving Seasons
Typical of St. Louis weather, three days ago it was a sunny perfect 82 degrees and the trees were blooming.  Goodbye Winter, So Glad to See You Spring!  

Just hold on a minute there.. not so fast.....this is the current view out my front door:

Winter - sadly it's back again.

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