Thursday, June 19, 2008

On Socks - Part Two

Man's First Socks:  -  A Short Story
Once upon a time (recently) a Knitter (me) asked her husband (mine) if he would wear hand-knit socks if she were to knit a pair especially for him.  The Husband (poster child for the typical blue, brown, gray male wardrobe) said, "Do they have to be in those funky colors [read: like those that you wear]?"

And so the Knitter carefully chose a conservative solid dark color in a soft light weight yarn.  She settled on a ribbed pattern with a simple stitch motif to keep herself occupied for the duration of the leg.  Hoping that the Husband would actually wear his first pair of hand-knit socks, she knew that scenario would be more likely if the socks were as similar as possible to commercially manufactured (read: Gold Toe Fuzzy) socks that the Husband preferred.  Therefore she chose to knit a short row heel instead of a more knitterly flap/heel/gusset combination.

Now the Husband proudly shows off his hand-knit socks and the Knitter will never tell the Husband that the pattern is named 'Man's First Socks' or that knitting patterns even have a name – Knitter's are entitled to a few secrets.

Perhaps he'll soon receive another pair.

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