Friday, May 27, 2011

Two for Baby, One for Me

When my daughter and her daughter (still funny to think my daughter has a daughter!) were here recently we stopped in at Kirkwood Knittery and she (my daughter) chose a pretty skein of pink yarn so that I could make something for her (the baby).

Auracania Ruco is made of 100% sugar cane - appropriate for a sweet baby!

This is 'Baby Shrug' by Debbie Bliss, a free pattern available here.   I thought there wouldn't be enough yarn but there was plenty even though it is a finer gauge than that called for in the pattern (can we say recalculate, of course we can because when do I ever do anything that matches gauge).

In case her (the baby's) legs get cold in the summer a/c she (my daughter) thought that she (my grand-daughter) ought to have some custom made leg warmers.  Inspired by the free pattern Little Legs by Susan Mullikin, these little leggings took only two evenings to create with some J. Knits yarn that's been knit and unknit several times prior as I searched for what it wanted to be.

So two for her and one for me....a short sleeve cardi of my own design knit with Cascade Pima Tencel (love this yarn) (don't ask where I bought it because I have CRS [can't remember s**t]) incorporating the body shaping into the diamond lace stitch pattern.


Remember the flower hat from my last post....

...she's destined to be a movie star:

Almost forgot to mention... my Hexagon Scarf pattern is now available at KnitPicks:

Sorry about the double post earlier - don't know what happened but it's back to just one entry.

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