Sunday, November 9, 2008

This and That...

Crochet Cardigan

Stitch pattern is called 'Marguerite' from one of the Harmony Guides,
worked in Brown Sheep Cotton Fine.

Design is my own.

I really like how this turned out - it drapes and fits really well (obviously my mannequin is way smaller than I am) - I will probably actually wear this sweater.

Still in Progress
Garter Stitch Yoke Jacket, finish is pending: one sleeve, buttons, blocking.  Worked in reclaimed Reynolds Mandalay (100% silk).

This might be fun to do in a self striping yarn ?

An experiment to see how a yoked sweater would fit (i.e. can you raise your arms) and the answer is - probably if you don't make the yoke way too long like I did.........

Step Into My 'Office'......
I spend most of my time knitting in my 'office' (that's what DH calls it) - everything I need is within reach other than the 'library' which is approximately 10 steps away in the next room.

Cozy sofa....with laptop accessory:

Task lighting (could use improvement) with communications devices /table almost always littered with work[knitting]ing tools:

Lantern Moon 'file cabinet' for needles, notes, rulers, markers, etc.:

Basket of   UFO's:

Additional Filing Cabinet (at any time contains a multitude of stitch markers, pencils and sock needles):


Magazine collection:


Also in progress a pair of socks designated for my sister in Jojoland.

Started a Shetland Tea Shawl in two colors, already scheming how to change the edging and last section of 576 stitches/38(?) rows.

I'm still working on the gray beret, trying to get it to come out like the one in my mind and still have it work as a writable pattern that would make sense to someone other than me......

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